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Add Money Anytime

Add money to your iPay Account
from Bank or other trusted source.

Send Money to Anybody

send money from your ipay account
to other iPay member’s accounts.

Make Payment Anywhere

Pay for goods through your ipay
accounts to different business.

The Brands who Trust Us

We, together with the brands, craft strategies along with a unique and inovative digital approach. We thirve on
collaboration with the clients who are looking to push the limits and think outside the box

Make Your Right Move

Pay for your Purchases and make personal transtion like sending or requesting
money to our friends.Shop, send money and pay bills anytime anywhere.

Required necessary items to start iPay.

Upload Photo

Upload your profile photo. face the
carmera straignt on, photo must be
in focus and not blurry.

Upload Photo ID

Upload a copy of National ID, Driving
License or Passport, Make sure all
information is Clearly Readable.

Add Source of Fund

Update your source of fund info to
add money from your a/c to shop,
send money or transfer.

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