About iPay

iPay is a secure and complete payment ecosystem that you can choose for your daily transactions. It is operating as payment service provider (PSP) licensed by Bangladesh Bank. The transactions in iPay can be performed from mobile phones or computers. All you need is internet connection.

It is the first online payment platform with an e-wallet in Bangladesh which provides real cashless Fin-Tech experience. It enables you to make payments for your purchases, utilities and exchange money with other iPay members. Youcan add or withdraw money from multiple bank accounts. You can also bring money to your account with Debit/ Credit cards.

It makes payment easy and convenient using QR code which is introduced first time in Bangladesh. Every transaction is secured with PIN along with two factor authentication which the customer can control.

The company commenced its commercial operations from 7 January 2018 and the entire technological development is the result of all Bangladeshi young talented engineers.

iPay is here build a secure payment ecosystem that people and businesses will choose for their monetary transactions. We are determined to bring a revolutionary change in the payment experience in Bangladesh and create a safe network of payment for individuals and businesses through developing a secure payment platform with state of the art technology.https://essay-online.combitcoin trading platform